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The Importance of Travel Agencies

The world is getting more connected and digitized each passing day. The speed and availability of technology has been growing unprecedentedly for some years now, and today, we have innumerable travel apps and websites to ease our travel plans and sort out the itineraries. Modern technology can help us book our tickets, sort out the … Continue reading “The Importance of Travel Agencies”

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North India Corporate Tours with Sehgal Transport

  • Posted On :September 6, 2017

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Most of the companies, today, provide tour-based incentives to their employees. For companies, such methods turn out to be very productive and offer great value for money in the long run. These lucrative offers are generally based on performance targets and are meant for whole departments, as such. Known by various monikers such as corporate offsite, team outings, offsite meetings, etc; these corporate tours function as potent motivators and are a solid alternative to monetary increments.

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