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Top 5 Adventurous Activities in Bhimtal

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Bhimtal is one of the most attractive destinations for adventure lovers. There are so many options are available to select from the list of the adventurous activities to conduct at the tourist place. Bhimtal is located at the height of 1370 m above the sea level. Delhi to Bhimtal bus is available for making an adventurous tour to Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. There are so many places to visit in Bhimtal.
There are also numerous things to do in Bhimtal.
Bhimtal Lake is much bigger than Nainital Lake. This lake is supported with different types of boating facilities, like a powerboat, sailboat and rowing or paddle boat. This lake is surrounded by mountains covered with green forests and there is an island at the center of the lake.
Paragliding can be the best enjoyed at Naukuchiatal, that is located four km away from Bhimtal. This beautiful hilly region is renowned as the paradise for gliding, which is surrounded by green forest and lush green fields with a tranquil lake. There is no rigid primary structure in the glider aircraft and it is lightweight, free-flying and foot launched which is controlled by the pilot. It can last for long hours to cover several hundreds of kilometres without using any engine.
The members of the Mountain Club Bhimtal introduce the tourists to trekking in Bhimtal. People prepare multi-days adventurous trip in rural as well as the undeveloped area by trekking, which is the combination of hiking and walking activity. Adventure lovers enjoy trekking at Bhimtal valley including many hot spots and near Bhimtal lakes, which is surrounded by the dense forest with natural beauty.
Camping in Bhimtal with various adventurous sports is special for adventure seekers. Rappeling is made by the controlling descent from the region of steep rocks and mountains. Without proper techniques, rappelling can be harmful or dangerous to the climbers. Climbers will have to use the technique and various types of equipment to apply the art of climbing down with protection. The various types of equipment are ropes, rappel anchors, nuts, hexes, harness, helmet etc. Rappeling is the most adventurous activity, which is well-organized and full of thrilling experience along with all safety gears offered by Sehgal Transport.
Horse Riding
Horse riding is a popular adventurous activity in Bhimtal. The best region to enjoy the horse riding is at Bara Pathar, which is five km away from Bhimtal. Horses are being hired at Bara Pathar with respective hours by you will be able to experience the magnificent beauty of nature.
The Delhi to Bhimtal Volvo bus service of Sehgal Transport will be the most sensible choice when you plan a visit to Bhimtal. The buses stop at places that have hygienic washrooms to ensure that you have a pleasant trip.

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