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Weekend Tour Packages from Delhi with Sehgal Transport

Too much of work and no play can make Jack a dull boy. However, living in a country as flamboyant and as diverse as India, there’s perhaps, no reason for Jack to indulge in too much of work. The country, particularly its capital city, Delhi, is dotted with numerous destinations which can easily make for the best weekend getaways.

Delhi’s proximity to numerous amazing destinations makes it a paradise for travellers willing to venture out and explore. It’s an amazing starting point for exploring the destinations around. That said, Delhi itself has multiple attractions, each of which is shrouded in history and magic and offers the perfect escape from mundane life.

Sadly, Delhi is inundated with substandard travel agents who are not worth your time and money. Therefore, choosing the best travel agency and transport service becomes difficult for anyone looking forward to a weekend tour.

Ingeniously crafted weekend packages and various car and coach rental options from Sehgal Transport can greatly assist you to scheme that perfect weekend package in Delhi which you’ve been dreaming of.

Let’s see what they have on offer:

1. Museum and Educational Tours: Museum and educational tours from Sehgal Transport let you learn while you explore the unique diversity of Delhi. Some of the museums included in this package are:
– National Museum
– Rail Museum
– National Gallery of Modern Art
– Shanker’s International Doll Museum
– Air Force Museum
– National Handicraft and Handloom Museum

2. Tour to Sariska Tiger Reserve: This is a one day tour to Sariska National Park and Tiger Reserve located in the district of Alwar in Rajasthan. It is one of the most significant attractions near Delhi for wildlife enthusiasts and includes jeep safari and elephant ride.

3. Delhi to Agra: Agra is one of the most ideal destinations for weekend trips from Delhi and is much popular both among domestic and international tourists. There are a number of amazing destinations in Agra including:
– Taj Mahal
– Agra Fort
– Sikandra
– Mehram Bagh
– Ram Bagh
– Fatehpur Sikri

4. Delhi to Jaipur: The pink city of Jaipur is one of the most visited cities in Rajasthan and a preferred weekend destination for the folks in Delhi. The ongoing monsoon greatly augments the beauty of this mesmerizing city. Sehgal Transport’s weekend package to Jaipur is fairly popular among tourists. It includes destination like:
– Hawa Mahal
– Golden Fort
– Jal Mahal
– Jantar Mantar
– Albert Hall
– Birla Mandir

5. Delhi Sightseeing Tour: This one day Delhi sightseeing tour by Sehgal Transport is hands down the best way to explore the city of Delhi in a single day. With multiple destinations on offer, this tour includes:
– Qutub Minar
– India Gate
– Akshardham Temple
– Old Delhi
– Lotus Temple

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